SiteGround Review August 2022, Best Web Hosting 2022

SiteGround Review August 2022, Best Web Hosting 2022

I’ve done the research and manual testing of more than 20 diverse web hosting plans, and for the shared hosting class, SiteGround is awesome.

A little Background from SiteGround

SiteGround was established in 2004 by a gathering of “IT Enthusiast,” who turned out to be individuals from the meeting from a similar college. From the get-go, they just worked in their apartment.

Presently SiteGround 2022 has developed to more than 320 representatives and has collected 450,000 spaces worldwide, with 6 server farms, specifically 1 in the US, 3 in Europe, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Asia (Singapore).

Indeed SiteGround is one of 3 web hosting suggested by

data center siteground 2022
data center siteground 2022
Shouldn’t something is said about Siteground Development?

I figure they probably accomplished something uncommon, that in this 15+ year range, they have had the option to grow quicker and outperform their archetypes.

However, what is behind their fast development?

Is the uptime excellent? Quick burden times? Or, on the other hand, the superb help administration? Or, on the other hand, the only elements?

Review SiteGround 2022

To answer everything, I have bought SiteGround’s shared hosting plan, precisely the “StartUp plan,” and introduced it on the default WordPress site.


In this SiteGround audit, I will cover perhaps one or two parts of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans, so in the end, this survey will assist you with choosing if SiteGround is the ideal decision for you.

Benefits of Utilizing SiteGround

The main point in investigating the exhibition of web hosting is to test uptime, load time speed, server reaction time, and support.

These four variables are the most critical in supporting the accomplishment of your blog/website.

Nonetheless, a few different focuses make a web hosting administration enjoy its benefits contrasted with other web hosting administrations.

These positive focuses are the thing that makes SiteGround’s evaluating increment generally.

I will examine it beneath.

Along these lines, continue to peruse.

1. Great Uptime Server

SiteGround recorded an exceptionally excellent uptime of 8 months, 99.99%. Their server just experienced vacation for around 1 hour minutes with 18x blackouts.

server uptime almost 100%
server uptime almost 100%

This outcome is incredible of all the shared web I have checked on. That implies Siteground’s waiters are entirely steady and genuinely dependable.

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2. Quickest Load Time

Along these lines, I did a heap time test and contrasted it with other abroad hosting suppliers, like A2 Hosting and Quick Comet (two webs have that case to be the quickest).

What’s more what was the outcome?

server pageload
server pageload

The last speed update test was done.

The outcomes are excellent, where SiteGround’s average burden time is 0.841 seconds.

Refreshed: this June speed update test shows that SiteGround’s heap time is quicker than its two rivals, 0.845 seconds.
This outcome is practically as old as a past test in the principal seven-day stretch of Walk 2020. It shows that their waiter is entirely steady.

3. Achievement in Load Impact Test

I’ve done a heap sway test on every one of the suppliers I evaluated, including A2 Hosting and Quick Comet, and the best outcome was SiteGround.

In this 10-minute test, SiteGround’s waiters are truly steady in any event when taking care of heavy traffic. You can see it in the chart underneath, where the blue line shows the reaction times (stable until the test closes).

SiteGround figured out how to make 10.1K solicitations with an average reaction season of 0.198.26 seconds. In any case, 8 blunders happened during the test. I believe it’s as yet in the sensible class since 25 virtual clients is a ton.

4. The Mystery Behind SiteGround

I’m a SiteGround fan since Counselor Hosting was established in 2016, and up to this point, I have never been disillusioned with the help, particularly the help, which is incredibly unique.

What’s more, around last February, SiteGround reported that they were moving to another home, in particular Google Cloud Stage.

In reality, the waiters that SiteGround utilized beforehand were great and stable. Yet, they are continually searching for potential outcomes to use new server farms that offer the most recent innovation with the most significant levels of speed and dependability.

After doing some exploration, they observed that Google Cloud Stage could satisfy their necessities.

To put it plainly, Google Cloud is an organization of servers made and oversaw straight by Google and is now being used by influential brands worldwide, including HTC and Best Purchase.

That implies, in case you have your website on SiteGround, your website will be put on a server made and overseen straight by Google.

The effect of moving servers to Google Cloud is better execution. Uptime turns out to be more steady, and speed turns out to be quicker. This is apparent from the consequences of SiteGround’s average uptime and burden times, which beat its rivals.

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5. What about the help?

As far as I can tell, utilizing web hosting administrations locally and abroad, SiteGround is the best client support.

Likewise, consider how they process more than 1,000 tickets, 800 calls, and 2,000 talk demands each day.

My involvement in SiteGround was Incredible.

It doesn’t make any difference whether your inquiry is about their assistance or the CMS you introduced on your blog/website. They honestly answer to each address exhaustively and are extremely useful.

Indeed, even essential inquiries like:

  1. How to change area nameservers?
  2. How to introduce WordPress in Cpanel consequently?
  3. Or then again, how to make an email address on SiteGround?

This is why I consider that SiteGround is the best hosting administration abroad right now.

6. Auto Managed WordPress Hosting

This is one of the uncommon highlights that SiteGround offers (which not all web has offered this component), notably, WordPress hosting on all of their shared hosting plans.

What’s the significance here?

That implies SiteGround will refresh naturally when there is an update from your WordPress module or subject; it will even give month-to-month reinforcements if your site goes down because of specific cases.

Here is a whole, I will stop for a minute are the extraordinary highlights of WordPress on SiteGround.

As found in the picture above, you will likewise gain admittance to their WordPress SuperCacher highlight,

furthermore, get free Cloudflare which you can introduce on Cpanel, accordingly making your site quicker, regardless of whether you have a ton of uncompromising mixed media records.

7. There is a 30-day Genuine Unconditional promise

SiteGround offers a multi-day warranty unconditional promise if you are frustrated with their administration.

There are no conditions, no concerns!

8. Free Movement Hosting

Do you, as of now, have a website facilitated somewhere else?

What’s more, wanting to move your website to SiteGround?

Relax, SiteGround will move your website from your past web hosting at no expense.

Likewise, they can guarantee that your website won’t be down during the exchange cycle.

Shockingly, this proposition is just accessible on the GrowBig and GoGeek bundles.

9. Free Every day Programmed Reinforcement Component

Not at all like most shared hosting suppliers, SiteGround makes its reinforcement instrument where your website will be supported consequently for as long as 30 days.

Far superior, you can pick reinforcements beginning from whole mounts, just website documents, data sets, or messages as it were.

Beforehand this reinforcement highlight was a component that must be gotten assuming you preferred the GrowBig and GoGeek bundles, yet presently all bundles, including the StartUp bundle, are likewise accessible.

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In any case, lamentably, in the StartUp Bundle, you can’t do On-request reinforcements.

10. Dependable Security Highlights

At SiteGround, you will get every one of the only elements regardless of whether you prefer the least expensive bundle, the StartUp Bundle, except for the high-level On-demand reinforcements highlight.

I’m confident you’ll cherish all the security highlights SiteGround brings to the table.

They even screen the server by checking it each 0.5 seconds and even have an observing group that will filter the server every minute of every day.

No big surprise, Siteground’s waiters are so steady up until now, isn’t that so?

Also, the ‘Novel Record Segregation’ includes where each record on all SiteGround shared servers will be disconnected from one another, which implies that assuming there is impedance in one document, it won’t influence different papers. This makes the SiteGround hosting climate considerably safer.

11. Have a Total Fundamental Information Page

At the point when I refreshed this audit, 1,057 articles on the SiteGround essential information page were precious for SiteGround clients, going from those identified with hosting, charging, cPanel, to about applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and so forth)

Disadvantages of SiteGround

Other than enjoying the many benefits referenced above, there are a few hindrances that you want to think about when choosing to purchase hosting at SiteGround.

Among others are:

1. Costly Cost

They expanded the cost because they have relocated to Google Cloud Stage, so the expense is more significant in addition to upgrades to their SG Analyzer module.

2. Installment Techniques on SiteGround

Of course, SiteGround acknowledges Mastercard installments.

In any case, you don’t need to stress since you can pay for hosting utilizing your PayPal account.

For certain Indonesians, including myself, I comprehend that charge cards have not been broadly utilized as a method for an installment when purchasing something.

That is the reason I put this in short.

However, the truth is that paying for hosting utilizing PayPal is extremely simple, and the interaction is quick, generally just 5-10 minutes.

To make it simpler for you, if it’s not too much trouble, follow the instructional exercise on the best way to purchase hosting on SiteGround, which is at the lower part of this article, or snap here.

3. There is an “Arrangement Expense” for Regularly scheduled Installments

Those of you who think to do a ‘trial’ first or those who plan to pay for hosting monthly.

I propose don’t!

Since SiteGround charges a substantial expense for a multi-month preliminary charge, $14.95.

I figure you shouldn’t be reluctant to utilize SiteGround’s hosting administrations because so far, I’ve won’t ever be.