Several Copywriting Trends That Will Grow in 2024

Several Copywriting Trends That Will Grow in 2024

It is undeniable, copywriting is one part of dynamic marketing. Not surprisingly, there will still be a change in the trend for copywriting in 2024.

Well, so that you copywriters can produce compelling copy and still attract the audience’s attention, then this trend prediction must be known.

Then roughly, what are the trends that will boom in 2024? Come on, take a look at our presentation below!

Copywriting Trends 2024

1. AI copywriting

According to Mariella Blago, the copywriting trend to watch out for in 2024 is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for content creation.

Today, many applications can interpret and create various copies automatically. So, some brands have started to use it.

However, despite the rapid development of technology, AI is still not perfect.

AI copywriting based on this algorithm can produce copy with accuracy and precise predictions. However, AI still cannot replace human “touch” in a copy.

2. Copywriting expert is needed

Due to the rudimentary AI copywriting software, an expert copywriter will still be in great demand by various brands. The software is used to speed up a copywriter when the process of creating copy or content.

So, a copywriter recruited by this copywriting AI user brand will become an editor or consultant in making a copy.

Professions that previously struggled with making a copy can turn into a giver of advice and focus on improving its quality.

3. Copy in long-form

In 2024, the copywriting trend is predicted to be a long-form copy. Previously, this form of copy was avoided because everyone was easily bored.

However, as the audience ages and the more experiences, their preferences for obtaining and digesting information will change.

Therefore, as a form of long-form copy, blog writing for SEO will remain crucial in the years to come. The combination of attractive copy with a good design is also an essential combination for a copywriter.

4. Copy of email must be original

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing trends that is currently booming. Therefore, the success of email marketing is to contain original and personal messages.

This is done to be able to build a close relationship between consumers and brands. Here is where a copywriter works a vital role.

You must create an email message to build that connection so that consumers remain loyal to the brand.

5. Video copywriting

Video copywriting is a trend that is predicted to become popular in 2024. This is because the video is a form of content that is a choice for consumption today.

So, it’s no longer just concentrating on the visuals of the video. Messages that are right on target and length of words or ease of understanding must be a concern.

In addition to making exciting scripts, writing, adapting, and adding subtitles is also required for SEO and Google algorithms.

Especially if your video marketing campaign is uploaded on YouTube.

6. Harmonious tone of voice

Consistency in communication is one of the biggest copywriting trends in 2024.

You can’t get loyal customers if you “talk” differently on each channel.

So, make sure the tone of voice of the copy used on social media must be similar to the copy on the website or email.

7. Copy in a foreign language

According to Greenlight, a copywriter must be aware of the context of copywriting, especially in 2024. Because one of the copywriting trends in 2024 is universal copying.

Where the message of the brand in a copy can be conveyed appropriately in various languages, both linguistically and culturally.

Those are various predictions of copywriting trends in 2024 that you need to know. Since 2024 is coming soon, it is hoped that you will be better prepared to face it after knowing this prediction.